Seminary seeks help leading reformation in Latin America
GTC provides textbooks and study guides for students being trained to be pastors throughout South America.
GTC provides textbooks and study guides for students being trained to be pastors throughout South America.

BENYOLA: Suppose you accomplish that right away. What will the ministry then be doing with donations?

ACOSTA: Peter, we are daily dependent on God. He provided all these opportunities. If He will bless us with all the money needed now, it would free us to expand into other Latin American countries that are asking us to open similar seminaries in their countries. We would also like to be able to aid pastors as they struggle to reform their churches. To fulfill those needs, a great deal of funds will be required.

BENYOLA: How would you invite people to partner with you, if they can’t give large gifts?

ACOSTA: There are four ways people can partner with us. First, we would like people to pray for us. Scripture reminds us that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

Second, I would invite people to give whatever they can – $10, $15, $20. This might look like a meager amount, but if 1,000 people would commit to a monthly donation of this kind, then that would help provide the funds required. This is a small investment by worldly standards, but a tremendous investment in the Kingdom of God.

Third, we invite people to go and visit the seminary in Medellín. It is very inexpensive and the seminary is only about a three-hour flight from Orlando, Florida. We have a place for visitors to stay and they can see and experience what they are investing in. Right now we’re excited and getting ready for the Sixth Latin American Reformed Theological Convention that’s coming up in April, which will host Dr. Joel Beeke, Dr. Richard Pratt, and other speakers. Everyone is welcome to attend.

The fourth way to help is for qualified pastors or professors to donate one week to teach a course at the seminary. Also, there are opportunities for church groups and other Christian organizations to do mission work in the local churches.

If you think about it, Peter, when Jesus taught us to pray, “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” we are actually praying for the expansion of God’s kingdom on earth. And the last thing Jesus commanded before he ascended into heaven was to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations. That is the commandment that God has given us. The ones who cannot go – can send.

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