Seminary seeks help leading reformation in Latin America

BENYOLA: He said that being persuaded of your argument, or because that was what he knew as a priest?

ACOSTA: I do not know, but probably he became convinced at that moment. I asked him, “Monsignor, if purgatory does not exist, why do you teach it and why do you ask your priests to teach this if it is not true?” He said, “Noé, the reason why we teach purgatory is out of mercy. We want to give hope to those people who are at a funeral. That way, they will not get desperate by thinking that their dear ones are in hell.” I asked, “Monsignor, why don’t you teach the truth so those dear ones will not end up in hell?” Monsignor changed the conversation and opened the opportunity to discuss several doctrinal issues. When we left, he embraced us and said, “I don’t think you can continue to be Roman Catholic because God touched you in a very special way.”

We left that meeting and within a short time I enrolled in a Presbyterian seminary.

BENYOLA: Okay. Noé, what do you want to be when you grow up?

ACOSTA: I would like to be a seminary professor and a Latin American church reformer.

BENYOLA: You can do that now, can’t you?

ACOSTA: Yeah, by God’s grace, I’m doing that. (Noé smiles.)

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