A conversation with Richard Pratt
photo: Jim Southard

BENYOLA: Where have your travels recently taken you?

PRATT: I just got back from a long trip to Indonesia and China for Third Mill, where we are used and actually being produced in different languages. One of the most exciting things at Third Mill is that we are broadcast on a satellite channel in the South Pacific 24/7 in a variety of languages. I was there for a conference, a rather large conference in Jakarta. And then the team that was with me went over to Shanghai and then to Beijing, where there are very exciting things happening too.

One of the goals that we have in our distribution is to develop further a pathway for pastors to be certified to be trainers of our curriculum. That’s something that the people in China want to have. So, we have centers where senior pastors are being taught how to teach the Third Mill curriculum to rising church leaders. We have three people on the ground over there who are running these centers. There are about 80 people in each one of them, and then they go out and have groups of ten or so younger leaders. God willing, we’re going to do that everywhere.

BENYOLA: Like, every place where they’re not speaking English?

PRATT: Not in the United States. We don’t care about the United States.

BENYOLA: Are you CIA? You operate outside the U.S. only. Supposedly.

PRATT: Of course we have no government connections, but we operate primarily outside the U.S. I do care about the church in America, but what I know is that there is an abundance, or a super-abundance of opportunity for leaders of the church to learn the Bible here, both formally and informally. Our main focus is outside the United States and Canada, apart from Native Americans, Latinos, and some other ethnic groups.

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