“No, I’m not giving up Benyola.com.”

“Why not? You don’t do anything with it.”

“I’m telling you the same thing I have told every Benyola for the past 15 years who has asked me for it. It’s mine. I got it first. I’m not giving it up.”

“So you nabbed the domain in 1999, you haven’t actually done anything with it since then, and our relatives have been bothering you to let them use it for that long? Let’s do the math here.”

“That’s exactly right. I haven’t thought of what to do with it yet. If you have any ideas, send them my way.”

“Phil, why would I give you ideas of what to do with Benyola.com, when I already know exactly what I want to do with it?”

My recent conversation with my brother might have had a tinge of acrimony, but in our unique relationship, Phil and I are really just saying “I love you” to each other the whole time.

Benyola is a very unusual last name (don’t be fooled, though we are only one family, our family has many cousins “large Italian family” is a superfluous term) and when one has an unusual last name, one shouldn’t need to include his first name in the URL as long as the person who owns it is at least doing something with the website.

Benyola.com as of October 2014.
Benyola.com as of October 2014.


I know I’m several years behind, jumping on the blogging bandwagon in 2014. I’ve been blogging throughout my career in journalism, public relations and marketing, but always for other people and their businesses. Truth be told, I love to write, and there’s a lot of information in my head that needs to get down in some sort of coherent and productive way. Several of my friends have been encouraging me for a long time to start a blog, because of my passions on certain subjects and the benefit that it could be to others. Ironically, as a writer, I have failed to do recreational writing on a consistent basis.

There is one main reason why I have resisted blogging up to this point. I’ve already mentioned consistency, and it’s the problem of time that is the main concern for me. I’m very busy, just like everyone else of course, and the last thing the internet needs is one more blog that doesn’t get updated. It was once remarked, “Blogging is not writing. It’s just graffiti with punctuation.” Unfortunately, that reputation is well-earned much of the time, and I’ve never wanted to add to the e-dissonance. As God allows, I will consistently write material, and that it somehow will be interesting, beneficial and relevant to people in my sphere.

I’m not some sort of marketing luminary, but I know enough about branding and marketing strategy from a few years in the business that if one tries to reach everyone with a variety of messages, one will probably end up reaching no one. From the outset, the subject matter of this blog will be focused. 

This will be a place for me to ventilate my affections for Bible theology, Christian living and reviewing literature. There is already a wealth of material on these important subjects from people who are much smarter, more educated and can write better than I can. I have to admit, that alone has deterred me from more actively and intentionally writing. I’ve thought about ways to offer something distinctive. So this blog probably will be an expression of my faith walk as I experience and learn new things. So I’ll strive to strike symmetry between the sensational and the soporific.

I love to learn. I am content in my Savior but I am absolutely never satisfied in my understanding of him. The knowledge of God is something meant to be shared and used, not hoarded and left sedentary. If no one reads my posts and it’s just a place for me to write down what I learn along the way for my own retention and later reference, I’m fine with that. But interaction is welcome, too. And maybe I’ll enjoy this enough that I’ll wish I did start doing it years ago.

Soli Deo Gloria to God alone belongs the glory.