Fast-forward to the aftermath. One example: In August 2013, the Presbyterian Church in the USA’s committee that compiled its hymnal, Glory to God, in majority decided to exclude the hymn “In Christ Alone,” because it was declined a request from the copyright holders to change the lyric from “the wrath of God was satisfied,” to “the love of God was magnified.” Understanding that to change a hymn is not to change Holy Writ, the lengths this denomination would go to discount the wrath of God from the message of the Cross, betrays an antipathy for the reality of God’s fury.

Another example: Many of my friends and I who live in the area see and are concerned with the billboard “GOD IS NOT ANGRY” every time we drive on Interstate 4 East through Longwood. I’ve heard a couple people defend this billboard by saying “it’s evangelistic.” The word “evangelism” is derived from the Greek euangelio, which means the proclamation of the good news, the gospel of Jesus Christ. This billboard is devoid of a gospel message. If anything, it undermines the gospel. “Good news” that is not given in the context of the bad news is not good news at all. It’s useless news. It’s trivia. It’s human-interest fluff — page-filler on today’s newsprint that will end up lining the bottom tray of the birdcage by tomorrow.

I realize it’s just a billboard. Normally, I am disinterested in paying any more attention to things that I think are wrong, than the attention they are already attracting themselves, but I’m making an exception because of the sheer potential reach of this untenable error and its ghastly conclusion.

How do we know “GOD IS NOT ANGRY”? Because He doesn’t split the earth where that sign stands and swallow it? Because He no longer unleashes His power by consuming us sinners in His holy conflagration simply for presenting strange fire to Him, as He did in the days of Moses and Aaron (Leviticus 10:1-3)? If “GOD IS NOT ANGRY,” then from what must we be saved? Until a person is right with God, the one he has to fear is none other than God Himself (Matthew 10:28). The wrath of God is what we have been spared, but until a person trusts in Christ (Romans 5:1, 8-9), God’s disposition persists as holy indignation (Psalm 7:11-13). Christians should not have the audacity to make a claim like “GOD IS NOT ANGRY” before a watching world, unless we are willing and able to give such a statement tremendous qualification right there (II Timothy 1:13-14).

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One thought on “If ‘GOD IS NOT ANGRY,’ why is the billboard in all caps?

  1. iJimmy wrote this letter to Grace Orlando tonight before reading your post, which I enjoyed. Thanks be to God for given me wisdom, discernment and a heart for exhortation since coming to Christ 13 years ago.

    Just wondering if it’s your billboard that is there at the entrance to I4 from the Longwood exit?
    > finally getting around to commenting on that.
    > it sounds like you’re wanting to extend your arms out in love to the community and I don’t have a problem with that I don’t have a problem with your billboard either everybody has the right to free speech right? And in fact I’m an evangelical Christian. But if you’re a man of God shepherding his flock, it is important to represent God for who he is.
    > I’m just wondering where you get the notion that God is not angry.? Do you think he is not angry and it does not grieve his heart to see a nation deny him or turn away from him or murder unborn babies or partake in homosexuality and gay marriage? All of these abominations to the Lord are just a few.of the many things that would make him angry.
    > now I would agree that God is first and foremost in his character a loving God. but I would not go as far as saying he is not angry. that statement gives me the impression of someone that wants to smooth over our sin nature and the crimes we are committing against one another and the Lord to make people  “feel good”. God is capable now of being angry just as he was throughout history as told in His Word. We know of his anger and his wrath but in every and all circumstances he also restores His people to Himself. 
    > Why would you say that God Is Not Angry? I’d like to hear your take on this. 
    > Sincerely, 
    > R Pippin

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