Further study

Historical confessional standards

The Belgic Confession, Chapters 33 and 34, Guido de Bräs, Adrien de Savaria, H. Modetus, G. Wingen

The Heidelberg Catechism, Q&A 69 through 74, Zacharias Ursinus

The Canons of Dort, Article 17

The Westminster Confession of Faith, Chapters 27 and 28, the Westminster Assembly

Form for the Administration of Baptism, Petrus Dathenus

Puritan literature

The Biblical Doctrine of Infant Baptism: Sacrament of the Covenant of Grace, Pierre Marcel

On the Baptism of the Children of Adherents, Part 1, Samuel Rutherford

On the Baptism of the Children of Adherents, Part 2, Samuel Rutherford

The Covenant of Life Opened: Infant Baptism Proven from the Scriptures, chapter 13, Samuel Rutherford

The Covenant of Life Opened: Infant Baptism Proven from the Scriptures, chapter 14, Samuel Rutherford

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The Covenant of Grace Opened, Thomas Hooker

Infant Baptism God’s Ordinance, or Clear proof that all the children of believing parents are in the covenant of grace and have as much a right to baptism the now seal of the covenant, as the infant seed of the Jewes had to circumcision, the then seal of the covenant, Michael Harrison

Vindiciae Legis, John Flavel

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Of Infant Baptism, John Owen

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A Sermon of the Baptizing of Infants, Stephen Marshall

A Defense of Infant Baptism, Stephen Marshall 

A Treatise on Baptism, Matthew Henry

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Holy Baptism: The Scriptural Riches and Realities of Infant Baptism, Gerald Procee

Infant Baptism God’s Ordinance, or, Clear proof that all the children of believing parents are in the covenant of grace and have as much a right to baptism the now seal of the covenant, as the infant seed of the Jewes had to circumcision, the then seal of the covenant, Michael Harrison and Matthew McMahon

The History of Infant-Baptism, William Wall

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The Doctrine Surrounding Infant Baptism, Ezekiel Hopkins

Baptism, William Ames

Classic Reformed literature

Institutes of the Christian Religion, Book 4, Chapter 16, John Calvin

 Commentaries on the Book of the Prophet Jeremiah and the Lamentations, John Calvin

The Economy of the Covenants Between God and Man, Herman Witsius

The Doctrine of the Covenant in Reformed Theology, Geerhardus Vos

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The Subjects of Baptism, Charles Hodge

Baptism, A.A. Hodge

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The Sacramental Principle of Infant Baptism, William Cunningham

Modern works

Calvin’s Doctrine of the Word and Sacrament, Ronald Wallace

Systematic Theology, Chapter 49: The Sacraments, John Frame

Word, Water, and Spirit: A Reformed Perspective on Baptism, J.V. Fesko

The Good News We Almost Forgot: Rediscovering the Gospel in a 16th Century Catechism, Chapter 27: “Vivacious Baby-Baptizing,” Kevin DeYoung

Baptism: Three Views, David Wright, Bruce A. Ware, Sinclair Ferguson, Anthony Lane

For You and Your Children: The Best Articles on Infant Baptism from the Westminster Theological Journal, John Murray, Meredith Kline, Vern Poythress

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Baptism in Scripture and History, Rowland Ward

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Why I Baptize Babies, Mark Jones

For Paedobaptist Parents, Mark Jones

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Baptism: Its Meaning and Purpose, Greg Bahnsen

William the Baptist: A Classic Story of a Man’s Journey to Understand Baptism, James Chaney

The Biblical Doctrine of Infant Baptism, Pierre-Charles Marcel

The Promise of Baptism: An Introduction to Baptism in Scripture and the Reformed Tradition, James Brownson

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Baptism as a Sacrament of the Covenant, Richard Pratt

Jeremiah 31: Infant Baptism in the New Covenant, Richard Pratt

‘And Their Children After Them’: A response to Reformed Baptist Readings of Jeremiah’s New Covenant Promises, Neil G.T. Jeffers

Jesus Loves the Little Children: Why We Baptize Children, Danny Hyde

Infant Baptism and the Silence of the New Testament, Bryan Holstrom

Review of ‘Infant Baptism and the Silence of the New Testament’ by Bryan Holstrom, Bruce H. Hollister

Covenantal Infant Baptism: An Outlined Defense, Gregg Strawbridge

The Case for Covenantal Infant Baptism, various authors, ed. Gregg Strawbridge

A Critical Review of A ‘String of Pearls Unstrung: A Theological Journey Into Believer’s Baptism’ by Fred Malone, Gregg Strawbridge

A Review of ‘Baptism and the Relationship between the Covenants’ by Stephen J. Wellum, Gregg Strawbridge

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A Curriculum for Those Wrestling Through Covenant Theology and Infant Baptism, R. Scott Clark

I Will Be Your God And Your Children’s God, R. Scott Clark

Ishmael and Infant Baptism, R. Scott Clark

What’s the Use of Infant Baptism?, R. Scott Clark

Seeds, Seeds, and Infant Baptism, R. Scott Clark

Is Infant Baptism a Roman Catholic Leftover?, R. Scott Clark

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Oath and Ordeal Signs, Part 1, Meredith Kline

Oath and Ordeal Signs, Part 2, Meredith Kline

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Studies on Baptism, Ralph Allan Smith

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Stepping Stones to Covenant Baptism, Barry York

The Controversy about Infant Baptism, Jason Helopoulos

A Baptism Allegory, Robin Griffin

Pure Water: The Beauty and Mystery of Baptism, Chase McMaster



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