BENYOLA: In what ways do you avoid overlap, or duplication with what other ministries may be doing?

PRATT: One of pillars of Third Millennium Ministries from the very beginning was that we are not in competition with anyone. The reason is twofold. On the one side — and everyone would agree with this, I think — the need out there in the world for leadership curriculum is so enormous, that no one ministry can do it all. We’re going to try to do it all. That’s our goal, but we know, really, we can’t do it all. Even if we made it available to everyone, which is our goal, not everyone is going to pick us, for a variety of reasons. Which is fine with us.

We know that the variety of need out there and the amount of need that’s out there is so enormous, that no one group can meet it. So we have no problem at all in cooperating with, in deferring to, in offering help to, in actually pulling out if somebody else tells us, “We’ve got this.” We don’t have a bit of problem with that, because the need out there is so huge. Almost every ministry I know would say that.

The second reason why we are not in competition with anyone is something that I don’t find other ministries talking about very often. We also believe that the resources for supporting our ministry and their ministries are so large, that we don’t even have to compete for the support. It’s really sad that a lot of Evangelical ministries believe that the support base that’s out there is so small that donors will give to one thing and not to them. We don’t believe that here at Third Mill. We believe the Holy Spirit leads people to give prayer and financial support to ministries and that we don’t have to second-guess the Holy Spirit. The amount of resources that’s out there, just financial resources, is so large, that there’s plenty of it to do what needs to be done.

We feel no competitive spirit at all toward other ministries. We’re out there looking for support all the time, just like other groups are. But we do not put down other ministries as if we’re competing for those donor dollars. We are supportive of other ministries and we are eager to see other ministries thrive because we believe that the need is too great and we also believe that the amount of support there is too great to justify any kind of competitive spirit.

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