BENYOLA: It’s mentioned in the 2014-2015 annual report that you’re officially partnered with Gospel Through Colombia. What are Third Millennium Ministries and Gospel Through Colombia accomplishing together, with our mutual friend, Noe Acosta? I’d like to know what the ministries are doing together to further the Great Commission.

PRATT: I can only tell you what I understand, and Noe might have a slightly different answer. Third Millennium Ministries and Gospel Through Colombia have a joint effort because our missions overlap. On the one side, Gospel Through Colombia has the desire to see the Gospel go forth in Latin America. They see that the key to the success of the Gospel message reaching Latin America is that the leaders of the church in Latin America learn sound understanding of the Bible and Christian theology. Well, that is the heart of Third Millennium Ministries: the training of pastors and other church leaders in biblical understanding and in sound theology. On the other side, the technique that Third Millennium uses is a little bit different. They have live conferences and live classes where they bring teachers down from the United States and other parts of the world. They hold week-long meetings here and there.

At Third Mill, we believe in human learning communities, and that’s a very important part of what we encourage. But we also believe that the most effective way to accomplish the goals of human learning communities, is for them to employ what we call “mediated curriculum.” Mediated curriculum simply means an indirect, asynchronous curriculum. At Third Millennium, we create a theological educational system in Spanish a multimedia seminary in a box, as it were, and we give it away for free to anybody that wants to use it. And we are used by a variety of schools, Bible schools, learning communities in local churches, throughout Latin America. And one of those is the network created by Gospel Through Colombia. They use our mediated curriculum as part of their program.

It is wonderful to bring live human beings down to a place like Medellín, Colombia, and to have great conferences with lots of speakers and lots of people together. But the numbers of people that need theological and biblical training is too great. So Third Millennium actually allows Gospel Through Colombia to expand its numerical reach. Also, our curriculum allows live teachers to focus on particular things, because they know that the general course of study is covered by the Third Millennium curriculum. So they use us online, they use us offline, they use us in all kinds of ways in print, in audio, in video, and we provide all those to them for free.

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