BENYOLA: I bifurcated it without needing to, didn’t I? I realize that betrays a flawed perspective on life and worship, within myself. Life is worship.

PRATT: Exactly, that’s the idea, because the bifurcation is artificial when you realize that being fruitful, multiplying, filling the earth, subduing, having dominion over it, is sacred worship. It’s sacred work. It is priestly work in the Bible because the terms that are used for Adam and Eve and what they were to do in the garden was royal, priestly work [Genesis 1:26-28, 2:15, cf. Numbers 3:6-8, Leviticus 8:35]. Which is what we are, “a royal priesthood” [I Peter 2:9]. And so, all of our lives are worshipful, everything we do in life is to be oriented toward doing service to God as royal priests.

BENYOLA: So how do we keep God at the center of our theology when we have in view a biblical emphasis on human beings and our designed purpose?

PRATT: Well, one of the things that I think is so critical about having God-centered theology or God-centered life, even, is the realization that Jesus put it this way: The greatest commandment is to love God, but that the second one is like it: Love your neighbor [Mark 12:30-31]. When the lawyer came to Jesus and asked him that question, he didn’t ask for two different commandments, he asked for one. And in effect, what Jesus is saying there to the people following him that day, and to that lawyer, was this: You can’t have number one without number two. Let me put it this way, “Theocentric Christianity without anthropocentric Christianity isn’t theocentric at all.”


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